My Muppets Show: The Harv-E Combination Guide

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A few of the Muppets are available for purchase early on in My Muppets Show, and later on, even more Muppets are available. The more different Muppets that you put on your stage, the richer the soundtrack to the game will be, since every muppet contributes in their own special fashion. Use Harv-E to increase the band size from a little band to a HUGE band!

There are different Muppets, and therefore different combinations, available in the Kitchen or in the Theater. Since the Theater is the first stage of the game, these are the ones which are available in the Theater. Keep in mind, however, that Harv-E is a total crapshoot. You might not get what you’re looking for, but the combination possibilities are listed as follows.

Animal + Sam Eagle = Big Mo
Rowlf + Sam Eagle = The Rats
Animal + Rowlf = The Durwood Clapper
Sam Eagle + Floyd = Jax Strumley
Animal + Floyd = Snowth
Floyd + Rowlf = Divettes

The Rats + Big Mo = Zoot
Snowth + Big Mo = Mahna Mahna
The Durwood Clapper + Divettes = Miss Piggy
Snowth + Rats = Gonzo
Jax + Miss Piggy = Kermit the Frog
Jax Strumley + Gonzo = Fozzie

Again, you might not get the right combination the first time. It’s all about luck. Sometimes, you’ll end up getting one of the two muppets that you originally had punch their card in the Harv-E machine instead. Other times, you will end up just getting the Durwood Clapper over and over, regardless of who you put into the machine. Nothing wrong with that, though, considering you can earn some serious coinage by loading up on Durwood Clappers.

Make sure to keep your Dressing Room upgraded so that you can have room for all of your new Muppets. If you run out of rooms in the Dressing Room, then your newest muppet will end up getting stuck in the Digitizer until you finally finish your upgrade.

Here’s all of the Harv-E combinations for the kitchen: My Muppets Show Harv-E Combinations in the Kitchen