My Muppets Show: The Harv-E Combination Guide Part 2: The Kitchen

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For the Harv-E combination guide for the theater for My Muppets Show, go back to the Harv-E guide for the Theater. Otherwise, keep reading on if you want to find out what all of the combinations are for the Kitchen.

So once you get to level 12, you will be able to unlock the Kitchen. This means that some of your Muppets will be gone, but you’ll also end up with a list of all new Muppets that you can Digitize. Your old combinations in the Harv-E machine will mostly not work anymore, but that just means that all new ones will now work. Here are all of the new combinations for Harv-E in The Kitchen.

Floyd and Rowlf = Jax Strumley
The Swedish Chef and Rowlf = Chickens
The Swedish Chef and Animal = Big Mo
Floyd and Animal = Kizzy
The Swedish Chef and Floyd = Veggies
Rowlf and Animal = Divettes

Jax and Chickens = Gonzo
Jax and Veggies = Zoot
Divettes and Rowlf = Beaker
Kizzy and Gonzo = Walter
Gonzo and Veggies = Rizzo
Jax and Walter = Kermit

Notice that plenty of Muppets are missing, such as Miss Piggy and Fozzie. Right now, there is no way to get those Muppets in the Kitchen stage, sadly.

Just like in the Theater stage, you are not always going to get the combinations that you’re hoping for. You might end up getting one of the two Muppets who punched their time cards into Harv-E, for example, you could put in Floyd and Rowlf and get back another Floyd, or another Rowlf. Also, if you put two of the same Muppet in, you’ll get a third of the Same Muppet. For example, Divettes + Divettes = Divettes.

Eventually, there will be a third stage released in My Muppets Show. When it is released, expect to see another Harv-E guide here as well for said third stage. Until then, stay tuned and keep trying to maximize the size of your Muppets Band.

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