High School Story – Party Guide – All Classmate Combinations

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High School Story starts you off with only three types of classmates: the nerd, the jock, and the prep. This sure doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but once you get the party central, you can get a whole lot more new types of classmates to join your school. After you unlock the ability to buy the artist hangout, you can unlock even more new classmates by using the party central. Throw parties and you can get the following classmates:

Cheerleader = Prep, Jock
Gamer = Nerd, Jock
Student Gov = Nerd, Prep

Actor = Artist, Prep
Filmmaker = Artist, Nerd
Dancer = Artist, Jock
Homecoming Queen or Homecoming King = Filmmaker, Cheerleader

These are the best case scenario combinations for the parties. Oftentimes, you won’t get what you are looking for. The way you’ll know if you got the right combination is by how long the party takes. If you unlocked, say, another prep or another jock, the party won’t take so much as a few minutes. The rarer classmates take a whole lot longer to unlock.

The only other way to get these types of rare classmates is to spend a ton of rings on them. There’s no point in doing that, though, unless you are extremely impatient, have a whole lot of money to spend, or both. In fact, the Homecoming Queen costs 18,000 rings, which costs nearly as much as a real-life car repair. So you’re a WHOLE lot better off trying to use the party.

Even more combinations, including the unwanted combinations and duplicated classmates, are in part 2 of the High School Story Party Guide.

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