Despicable Me: Minion Rush – Free Bananas and Gru Tokens Guide

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Despicable Me: Minion Rush is now the world’s most popular endless running game, thanks to the connection with one of the most beloved sidekicks in the history of any movie franchise. Minions are known for their love of bananas, which your humble author loves as well, but they even have me beat. Thus, bananas are the game’s “money”, but Gru Tokens are much more valuable – think of them like gold bullion or something. Anyways, you can get both of them for free.

Bananas are earned in the stages, but there are a number of ways to increase your gains.
*Unlock the Banana Splitter, which earns 2 bananas for every 1 banana you pick up.
*Unlock the Banana Vacuum, which works like a magnet, sucking up every banana you pass.
*Spend tokens on the Banana Perk, which earns 2 bananas for every 1 banana.
*Spend 5 dollars (real life money) on the golden banana power up, which permanently doubles bananas.
*Stack the golden banana, the banana splitter and the banana perk together to earn 8 bananas for every 1 collected banana.
*Run with the Worker Minion costume on to earn 10% more bananas.

Of course, there’s also the slides and the unicorn ride, and other bonus stages where you earn insane quantities of bananas. Pick those up whenever you see them. Complete the weekly goals and participate in (and place high in) the weekly contest for a chance to earn either loads of bananas or loads of Gru Tokens depending on what week it is.

To get free tokens, do some of the following:
*Watch videos for free tokens (this is located in the currency store)
*Complete achievements and then collect your free tokens. The button for achievements is the wreath and crest style button.
*Sign into Game Center and Facebook for a combined 100 tokens for free.
*As listed above, compete in the weekly contests.

Finally, the SECOND you see a Gru Token in the middle of a stage, aim for it. Yes, free tokens sometimes (quite often) appear in the middle of a stage, and if you play enough, then you’ll surely see quite a few of them. Get them as soon as you see them.